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Art-net to DMX 4*512 convertor
Art-net to DMX 4*512 convertor
Product Description:

Art-net to DMX 4*512 convertor

A-D500 Converter is a eight universe ethernet to DMX gateway device using ArtNet protocol.
Each universe can run up to 512 DMX channel. Suitable for low to mid size matrix and Large installation requires multiple DMX universe.
It can handle network data packet of ArtNet protocol switching to standard DMX512 data. There are four standard DMX512 data output port, total can output 2048 (512 X 4) data.
It is use for LED lattice and large number of DMX512 data of stage lighting control network, such as night bar,KTV,dance hall,etc.

1). Auto sensing universal power adaptor
2). LED indicator for power status 
3). 1 x Ethernet input, 4 x DMX output 
4). XLR DMX output interface 
5). Input Voltage: DC24V/500mA 
6). Power: 2.5W 
7). Control and Programming  
8). Protocols: ArtNet, DMX
9). DMX Channels: 2048 Channels 
10). Software compatible with Arkaos,Madrix,etc

Shape Dimension and Weight   
Color: Black
Anodizing black aluminum housing  
Length:  118mm  
Width:   104mm
Height:  28mm
Net weight: 230g
Gross weight: 700g
Packing size:18*10*12cm