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DC5v 32 LEDs APA102 LED strip
DC5v 32 LEDs APA102 LED strip
Product Description:

DC5v 32 LEDs APA102 LED strip
Mode: BW5050RGB32T-APA

This is a new intelligent pixel LED strips, similar packaging with WS2812/WS2812B, but more powerfull--it has separate signal wires CLK and DATA. It is easier to control and coding. 


1. Working Volt.: DC5v, MAX 10w/meter 

2. 32 LEDs/m, 1 LED=1 pixel 

3. SMD5050 RGB, Epistar chips 

4. APA102 IC, built into the 5050 lamp 

5. FPCB wdith= 10mm 

6. wires out: 

Protection and mode: 
IP rating Protection Outer Size Installation Mode
IP40 None L5000*W10 Double side tape BW5050RGB32T-APA
IP65 Glue coating L5000*W10 Double side tape DW5050RGB32T-APA
IP67 Silicone tube L5000*W11 screw + buckle TW5050RGB32T-APA
IP68 Tube +glue filled L5000*W11 screw + buckle ZW5050RGB32T-APA
Specification: http://www.pixel-leds.com/pdf/2014-7-14-7-43-59.pdf