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4096 Wireless Sync SD card pixel LED controller
4096 Wireless Sync SD card pixel LED controller
Product Description:

4096 Wireless Sync SD card pixel LED controller
Mode: ST4K-B 


This is a SD card off-line programmable LED controller, it can control MAX 4096(4×1024) pixels, and support almost all kinds of IC, such as TM1804, TM1829, UCS1903, TLS3001, TLS3008; DMX512, P9813, LPD6803, LPD8806, SM16716, WS2801, MBI6021, MBI6024, MY9221

It works with programs which stored in the SD card, and programms can be made via computer by software of YMvision. MAX 15 programs are allowed to store in one SD card. 
Advantages: Wireless sync function, 1 master controller support limitless slave controllers to show the same effects. 

1. Input DC5v-24v 

2. Modes, speed are adjustable 

3. Size: L115 × W100 × H34mm 

4. MAX support 15 programs in a SD card 

5. Load capacity: MAX 4 × 1024 pixels 
6. SD card= 256M 

Software download: 

Specification download: https://app.box.com/files/0/f/1183713101/1/f_20836199727