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12v 42MM DMX512 4 LED module light
12v 42MM DMX512 4 LED module light
Product Description:

 12v 42MM DMX512 4 LED module light 
Mode: D42S5050RGB4T-DMX-12v
Usually, digital LED module data transmission in cascading, like ws2801, ws2811 and ws2812b, the fatal is that: a damaged IC will cause the whole following IC fail to work!! Sometimes thousands of LED failed just because of one broken IC. Now this parallel data transmission digital LED strip will be a good solution. All IC chips work separately, more stable and reliable!  one broken≠ all broken.

DMX512 addressable pixel LED Modules, drove by DMX512 IC, can be controlled by Madrix, sunlite, freestyler. Each piece of module takes 3 DMX channels, and individually controllable. You can set the DMX address at your request. 

Both RS485: A/B/GND/24v and TTL: 24V/GND/Data. 


1. Input DC12, 1.44 watts/pcs; 

2. IC chip: DMX512, 3 channels/module, 170 modules per universe; 

3. 4 × SMD5050 RGB. Epistar chips; 

4. Housing size: D42 * H35mm; 

5. Housing color: Clear and lens; 

6. Cables out: A, B, GND, DC12V OR DC12V/GND/Data 

7. Packaging: 20pcs/string or at your request. 


1. Parallel signal circuit, all LED works completely separately. (one broken IC (LED) will not impact others

2. Support DMX512/1990 protocol. (A, B, GND) 

3. DMX address can be reset by address writer.