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2015 mini free programming pixel led controller
2015 mini free programming pixel led controller
Product Description:

2015 mini free programming pixel LED controller

Getting tired of programming? and SD card easy get damaged? This mini pree-programming controller is good replacement! 

MINI pixel 2013-X controller, very small size with powerful functions. There are 63 different modes inbuilt, with a RF panel, support IC: ws2811, ws2812b, TM1809, UCS1903. 

Very suitable for small space using, such as toys, and card decoration. 


1. DC5v or 7.5-12v 

2. It can control MAX 1024 pixels, pixel controlling quantity are adjustable from 32-1024

3. Dimmer function when single color emitting 

4. one to one lock function, each controller works separately 
    One to many: Remote A can control Controller A/B/C/D/E/F......
    One to one: Remote A to controller A only, Remote B to controller B only......

5. Color sequance adjust function, such as RGB, RBG, GRB, GBR, BGR, BRG