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12v 30 LEDs parallel DMX512 addressable LED strip V2
12v 30 LEDs parallel DMX512 addressable LED strip V2
Product Description:

 DC12v 30 LEDs/m DMX512 LED strip lights V2
DMX address increasing automatic, and address can be reset by address setter 
Mode: BW5050RGB30T-DMX-V2

Usually, digital LED strip data transmission in cascading, like ws2801, ws2811 and ws2812b, the fatal is that: a damaged IC will cause the whole following IC fail to work!! Sometimes thousands of LED failed just because of one broken IC. Now this parallel data transmission digital LED strip will be a good solution. All IC chips work separately, more stable and reliable!  one broken≠ all broken.

1. DC12v, 7.2w/m 

2. 30 LEDs/m, 10 pixels/m 

3. 10pcs DMX512(
SM16511P) IC, 1 IC drives 3 LEDs as 1 segment 

4. 30 DMX channels per meter, 1 universe/512CH can drive MAX 17 meters

5. SMD5050 RGB, Epistars chips 

6. Support both TTL and RS485 interface.
    TTL: 12v, GND and DATA
     RS485: A/B/GND/12V 

IP rating Protection Outer Size Installation Mode
IP40 None L5000*W12 Double side tape BW5050RGB30T-DMX-v2
IP65 Glue coating L5000*W12 Double side tape DW5050RGB30T-DMX-v2
IP67 Silicone tube L5000*W13 screw + buckle TW5050RGB30T-DMX-v2
IP68 Tube +glue filled L5000*W13 screw + buckle JW5050RGB30T-DMX-v2


1.  DMX address increase automaticly from 1 to 512/1024/1536 

2. Address 
can be reset by address setter at every segment, DMX512 Address setter PDF manual.

3. Parallel signal connection design, one broken IC will not affect the whole strip' working. 

This DMX512 pixel addressable LED strips including 30 LEDs/m, 5meters/roll, each 3 LEDs be used as a pixel and individually controllable. There is a small tracking PCB on the input end to transfer signal, It can be controlled by all standar DMX512 controller directly, such as Madrix, Sunlite, Freestyler. 

Each segment takes 3 channels, so 30 channels for 1 meter, like this: 
(R1 = R2 = R3)= Channel 1
(G1 = G2 = G3)= Channel 2
(B1 = B2 = B3)= Channel 3

It is widely used for creating LED dispaly, night-club and bars decoration to show text and animation. 

DMX512 LED strip PDF manual/specification download at: http://www.pixel-leds.com/pdf/2015-4-3-17-5-48.pdf

DMX LED strip address setting 

DMX512 LED strip testing