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5v 24 LEDs/m DMX512 black FPC addressable LED strips
5v 24 LEDs/m DMX512 black FPC addressable LED strips
Product Description:

DC5v 24 LEDs/m DMX512 black FPC addressable LED strips
Each LED is individually controllable 


1. DC5v, 7.2w/m 

2. 24 LEDs/m, 24 pixels/m 

3. 24pcs DMX512 IC, 1 IC drives 1 LEDs as 1 segment 

4. DMX IC, grey scale= 256/color, 24 bits for RGB 

5. SMD5050 RGB, Epistars chips 

6. 4-PIN connectors on both ends 

7. Cables: 
DC5V, A, B, GND 

8. Standard DMX512/1990 Protocol. 

IP rating Protection Outer Size Installation Mode
IP40 None L5000*W12 Double side tape BW5050RGB24T-DMX-5v
IP65 Glue coating L5000*W12 Double side tape DW5050RGB24T-DMX-5v
IP67 Silicone tube L5000*W13 screw + buckle TW5050RGB24T-DMX-5v
IP68 Tube +glue filled L5000*W13 screw + buckle JW5050RGB24T-DMX-5v

This DMX512 pixel addressable LED strips including 24 LEDs/m, 5meters/roll, each LED be used as a pixel and individually controllable. It can be controlled by all standar DMX512 controller directly, such as Madrix, Sunlite, Freestyler. 

Each segment takes 3 chaneels, like this: 
R1= Channel 1
G1= Channel 2
B1= Channel 3

The DMX address indrease automaticly from 1 to 512, and can not be reset. Please choose V2 if you want to reset address.

It is widely used for creating LED dispaly to show text and animation.