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DC 5v 30 pixels ws2811 ws2812 LED strip lights
DC 5v 30 pixels ws2811 ws2812 LED strip lights
Product Description:

 DC 5v 30 pixels ws2811/ws2812b LED strip lights


ws2812b is the inbuild IC of ws2811, it has the same datasheet with ws2811, but combine IC and SMD5050 as one unit. It is space and cost saving, widely used for creating LED Dispaly to show animation. 


1. Input DC5v, Max 9 watts/meter 

2. ws2812b IC, 1 LED = 1 pixels 

3. 30 LEDs/m, 150 pixels/roll -ws2812b SMD5050 

4. Greyscale=256/color, 24 bits for RGB 

5. Both WHITE and Black FPC are optional 

6. 5meters/roll 

7. cables: DC5V, DATA, GND 

Protection and mode: 

IP rating Protection Outer Size Installation Mode
IP40 None L5000*W10 Double side tape BW5050RGB30T-2812b
IP65 Glue coating L5000*W10 Double side tape DW5050RGB30T-2812b
IP67 Silicone tube L5000*W11 screw + buckle TW5050RGB30T-2812b
IP68 Tube +glue filled L5000*W11 screw + buckle JW5050RGB30T-2812b