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5v output 60-400w Aluminum case switch power supply
5v output 60-400w Aluminum case switch power supply
Product Description:

Aluminum case Switch Type (Indoor use only)

Input: AC110-240v

Output: DC5v

Power: 40w - 350w


1. These Power Supply without PLUG 

2. There is no cooling fan below 200watt 

3. To achieve a longer lifespan both for the power supply and LEDs, we strongly suggest a extra 20% more power than theoretical value, such as 240w Power supply for LEDs--200watts. 

240watts = 200w*1.2

Mode Input voltage Output voltage  Output Current Power Size
P40W-5V AC100-240V DC5V 8A 40W 110*78*35mm
P60W-5V AC100-240V DC5V 12A 60w 110*78*35mm
P100W-5V AC100-240V DC5V 20A 100W 199*98*50mm
P200W-5V AC100-240V DC5V 40A 200W 200*111*50mm
P350W-5V AC100-240V DC5V 70A 350w 215*115*50mm