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DMX512 Parallel signal rgb pixel string
DMX512 Parallel signal rgb pixel string
Product Description:

DC5v DMX512 Parallel signal rgb pixel string

Mode: S12F67-DMX-5V

DMX512 addressable full color Pixel string light, each LED are individually controllable. 

It can be controlled by DMX512 controller directly, support DMX512/1990 protocol. Each pixel lights take 3 DMX512 channels, you can also reset the DMX address with address setter. 

Matched address writer: 

Parallel signal design! 


1. Input DC5v; 

2. Power: 5v = 0.3w/pcs, 12v = 0.72/pcs; 

3. Drive IC: DMX512; 

4. Greyscale: 256/color, 24 bits for RGB; 

5. wires out: ADR, DATA, DC5V, GND;  

6. packaing: 50pcs/string; 



Signal cable connected in Parallel, one broken IC(LED) will not implicate the rest, that mean one failure ≠ whole failure.