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24v D55 6 LEDs DMX addressable RGB pixel modules
24v D55 6 LEDs DMX addressable RGB pixel modules
Product Description:

24v D55 6 LEDs DMX addressable RGB pixel modules 
DMX512 addressable pixel LED Modules, drove by DMX512 IC, support DMX512/1990 protocol, can be controlled by Madrix, sunlite, freestyler. Each piece of module takes 3 DMX channels, and individually controllable. You can set the DMX address at your request. 


1. Input DC24, 1.44 watts/pcs 

2. IC chip: DMX512 

3. 6 × SMD5050 RGB. Epistar chips 

4. Housing size: D55 * H35mm 

5. Housing color: Transparent & Milky 

6. Cables out: A, B, GND, Vcc+ 

7. Packaging: 20pcs/string or at your request. 


1. Parallel signal circuit, all LED works completely separately. (one broken IC(LED) will affect the others) 

2. Support DMX512/1990 protocol. 

How to use

You need to set the DMX address by the address setter before using, then add a tracking PCB before connect to the DMX controller. Like this

DMX512 controller →→ tracking FCB →→ DMX pixel module lights